Inner sanctuary within us

Inner Sanctuary

Inner Sanctuary (IS) is the Oneness Place right within us. The essence and core of us. It isn’t physical, structural or matter because no such things exist. It is Consciousness. Pure Consciousness, the true I, the very
Presence of God

IS is the I, the one and only true I. IS is where we must reside every moment just abiding in the Light, the very presence of God, the centre of Consciousness. IS is.
How do we get there? We are here already. We just need to be rid of the ‘me’, personal self and beliefs. It is these that have been clouding Light God Presence from our consciousness in experience. God is forever present as all whether we are fully aware of that or not. But the clouding or unawareness is only in experience.

Engage in this simple exercise to help you rest in the One Inner Sanctuary, the very presence of God.
Sit in a comfortable chair, relax and do a deep breath in and out for about five times to help bring your attention to the centre of you. Be aware of the very aliveness of you and just pay attention to that, to the consciousness of you happening. If thoughts come up just ignore them. You can repeat silently this as you simply rest: I am Light Spirit Light, I am Presence Spirit Presence.

Now rest more deeply in the presence and peace opening up in front of you. Relax totally and just be attentive as you will be when you are listening to your lover singing loves songs to your ear. Just listen deeply like that and rest, rest, rest my friend. This moment you will be feeling peace, restfulness, Presence. Feel It more and just rest in It. You are now in the Inner Sanctuary, the very presence of God.

As you lose the ‘me’ or personal self-consciousness, the presence you feel now is the Spirit Presence, Light Presence. At this stage, it may seem as if the peace is being felt within your body but it isn’t true. The Peace you felt is Universal and is being felt happening simultaneously at every point of your universe (your entire consciousness). You are being the Peace and you have the Peace. Your entire body, mind, world, and universe is this minute and eternally so the fullness of Spirit and Perfection.

Just rest more here, bathe in the very presence of God happening as you. Stay as long as you want here, simply rest more in the Omnipresent Good and feel it deeply in and as your entire consciousness.
You can now go about your day when you feel you have bathed in the Presence enough and you are satisfied. Now watch as I, God Itself go before you this day to make all crooked places straight and experience the True Peace you felt in the IS now been the forms of your every minute experience. Each and every part of your experience is now blossoming and radiating in the fullness of joy as omnipresent good, God Itself.

Inner Sanctuary Place (ISP)
You are welcome to send in Spiritual Prayer Request. ISP is free and unconditional for you and your loved ones to send in a request for Spiritual help. Please feel free to fill your request using the Contact Us Form.
You may send as many requests as you want until harmony is restored and wholeness witnessed. As soon as you send it, it is in ISP and you are immediately bathed in Spirit Presence, Light Presence.
You may submit anonymously or by name. If you require a reply, please include your email. There is no limit on how many times you can request the help of ISP. It is free. You and your loved ones are bathed in the presence of Omnipresence and all is well.

As soon as you send it, just rest and know that your request has been taken care off and that you have nothing to fear. Everything is well in every category of your affairs. Just leave it to the Light presence and witness this day the promise of God to abide in us as we abide in Him.

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