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The joy and happiness you have been looking for is right there at the only place you failed to looked for it, right within your very consciousness.

Read these great spiritual wisdom from my teacher Paul F Gorman to rise in true spiritual consciousness so that you awaken to the realisation of all good being where you are right now.
And you are invited to listen to Paul on our YouTube Channel, Your Miracle Self for that freedom from all lack you so desperately needed.

Healing of the Body by Paul F Gorman
Healing of the body

Healing the body is real and practical, and can be experienced by any person who is receptive to God or spirit as being the actuality of being and body.

Spiritual healing is not about tackling disease but rising in awareness to a point at which disease does not exist. Just as "healing" 4 x 4 = "11" is not achieved by tackling the "11," but by rising in "math awareness" to where "16" is evident, so in spiritual healing of the body.

Awareness and body are one. The body is a body of awareness, not a body of flesh separate and apart from awareness. Once awareness is illumined and free of disease the body automatically and infallibly responds. A whole and healthy body is the image and likeness of a whole and healthy awareness (or consciousness).

Healing of the Body by Paul F. Gorman offers a profound, clear and practical healing practice that can transform the lives of any person open to spiritual reality.

Meditations on awareness itself by Paul Gorman
Meditations on awareness itself

In risen consciousness, in which the One Presence and Power is free to live in us as It Is, the cloud of material sense dissipates to reveal the ever-present harmony and unbounded good of self and of world.
Our silence and non-reaction toward the objective sense of the world, and our receptivity toward the consciousness of Is evidences the miracle of unlimited mind, body, and world.

Pondering a few passages of Meditations on Awareness Itself each day helps elevate and maintain the consciousness of Is where the reality of harmony and divine dominion over all things exists as real and practical experience for all those who will let go of the “personal self” and devote themselves to the impersonal life of spirit and truth.

One by Paul F. Gorman

One, the new book from Paul F. Gorman, author of the Miracle Self, offers a clear spiritual insight and meditation practice that enables the devoted spiritual aspirant to lift into the consciousness of oneness and thereby quickly watch the flow of harmony open up in practical experience.
By today it is well known that in God consciousness—the consciousness of one—healing takes place. But what exactly is the consciousness of one? How exactly is it attained? Can the “average” or even new spiritual student achieve it?

One stands apart by lifting the reader away from material consciousness (which is all that distorts the one reality of health, abundance, harmony and peace from being experienced) into the consciousness of oneness where all good is visible, real and practical and where sickness, lack and limitation dissolve.

"The miracle of good is already present and manifested in individual consciousness. Only release it as the oneness it is and you will discover your life filled with every form of real and permanent good."

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