The visible God: the secret of infinity

The Visible God: The secret of infinity

Every person, thing, and condition in your consciousness (world/universe) is God. All is God, good, from an atom to a mountain and everything in between all is God. Nothing has to "become" God. In other words, your consciousness (and that of every individual) is God; everything you are conscious of is God, and the awareness you are aware of is God (consciousness). Is God in any way or under any circumstance unaware of itself, unformed, invisible, intangible, unmanifested, or undemonstrated? You know by now that the answer is no.

There is no such thing as an unaware God, an unformed God (absent of body or form), invisible God, intangible God, unmanifested God or undemonstrated God. To believe that God, in any way or by even the slightest degree -- “within” or “without” -- lacks the fullness of its finished and perfect state of existence is ludicrous. To believe that God, which is all-in-all and all-of-all, cannot see itself, does not “have” the whole of itself and has to “manifest” and “demonstrate” itself to “make” itself complete in a place called the “outer” is nonsensical.

God is, and that is, the omnipresent finished kingdom “of heaven and earth [the objective sense of God], and all the host of them [every thing and condition of our experience]” (see Genesis 2:1-5). This passage of scripture is one of the overlooked truths that, when understood, make us free. God, good, is one kingdom, one state of being and experience. God is not ethereal and invisible to our senses; God does not exist “within” as the truth of being, but not our "outer." real and practical existence.

“There is no God [existence] besides me.” (Isaiah 45:5).

All that exists — whether you believe it is “in” our “out” — is the one, omnipresent and only existence. God does not have different departments. God is, period. Anything and everything that exists is the is that God is. There are no exceptions. God is omnipresence, not partial or “half” presence — one half being ethereal and invisible spirit, the other half being tangible and visible matter. God is the “inner” and the “outer” (all being one) — the “heavens and the earth, and all the host of them.” God is -- in, out, and throughout.

Why, then, does it seem as if God, which is truth (unconditional good), is invisible and often, if not primarily unobtainable? Only belief has separated us, in a sense (not in reality), from the oneness and omnipresence that God, good, is. But belief is not reality and cannot affect or change reality any more than dark can affect or change light. Therefore, despite what seems to be, God is the one truth of your life, body, mind, world, and everything of these — and is so this minute. And that truth is already visible, tangible, manifested And demonstrated at all times and demonstrated. Why is this true? God is never invisible to itself, intangible to itself, unmanifested or undemonstrated to itself, and God is all — in, out, and throughout.

Therefore, everything in your life is already God, which is fully existent, fully aware of itself, fully visible and tangible, and, of course, fully finished (fully manifested and already demonstrated). It is an only clouded sense (sense clouded by collective belief, and unwittingly accepted) that seems to make our ever-present and unconditional good, invisible and intangible. Yet, even as we observe and believe that which appears to be a problem, and even as we believe good to be absent and get busy in the cloud of belief attempting to “heal” the pain, the fulfillment stands right there in all its visibility and tangibility.

It is only belief that makes ever-present good seem to be “ethereal,” “invisible,” “absent,” and “unreal.” Remove belief, and be a God state of being rather than a belief state of being, and the cloud of belief dissipates to reveal the visible, tangible, and real forms of good in every category of life. The God state of being that can heal and witness the abundant goodness of God has erroneously been called “healing,” but it is seeing that which is and always has been. “Whereas I was blind, now I can see.”


All is God. We do not make it so; it is. Wherever we look, there God is. A person, thing, or condition as seen “materially” is not what we believe these to be -- either good or bad. They are God because only God is, and God is the omnipresent one, forever visible and tangible. God is the one intelligent infinity, formation, and visibility of all existence. As we release all belief about “him, her, and it,” we release their God visibility, and all is seen as good. The statement “I live and move and have my being in God” is literal. We do not live in that which is not God or is different or separate from or less than God.

We live in God in every way — in our minds, bodies, world, and universe, all of whom God lives in us. We are the center of our universe (which is God), imbued with, surrounded by, and loved by each being, thing, and place because all is God (not has to “become” God). God is not imprisoned within us, requiring us to somehow “make God so” in the “outer.” God already is all; God is the universal one, present and real “in, out, and throughout” you -- and visibly so. Let us be rid of the belief that God is “visible within” but “invisible without.” Such a divided state of existence would require twoness, but God is one; and because God is all, visibility is one and all.

In other words, whatever we observe or experience — either in our own lives or another's — is God, good, even though, to belief, it can appear to be finite, discordant, diseased, lacking, or limited. The miracle of good occurs by discarding “our” sense for that of God itself. Because God is all, only God sees God being, body and thing; only God sees heaven as earth, while material (belief) sense sees only what appears to be. The Master instructed us to “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous [truthful] judgment.” It is this “righteous” (God) consciousness that sees and experiences its image and likeness as our body, world, and everything in it, as opposed to belief consciousness which can only see immediate sense testimony.

If we attempt to see God (to know the truth) while we believe that God is absent and needs to be somehow “brought forth” or “manifested.” or “demonstrated” where the apparent problem or lack of God exists, we cannot. We are blind to that which is. We are the divided house (divided consciousness) that is the cloudiness that makes God “invisible” to sense. The secret is to be the consciousness of God that is and has and sees itself everywhere present.


Because only God is, only God sees itself. When we drop personal sense, live as impersonal sense, refuse to believe since testimony in and of itself, turn within and rest, and let God be and see for us, good is quick, if not instantaneously visible. Good emerges into visibility everywhere we go and in everything we do. We do not have to wait; we have to be what God is, which is what all is.

We have to be the "I AM, I HAVE" state of consciousness (not the I am NOT, I have NOT consciousness). God is visible everywhere in most cases -- little or no delay. Everything in your mind, body, and world is, this minute, visible as God, and is seeing itself for you. Understand: the visibility of God is omnipresent and does not “come from” or “depend on” you or on the Master or me.

All of God is being visible to you, and the moment you drop the “you” of you (the belief-you) and let God-sense work “for you,” you quickly have and see real and practical good everywhere -- and a limitless amount of it. This is why the Master was able to assure us to “Fear not little flock; it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It is the mind’s, body’s, and world’s good pleasure to “give you” its abundant health, wealth, peace, and harmony, just as it is the projector’s “good pleasure” to give you the kingdom of the movie on the screen. But, as in the theatre, “you” must rest your effort and belief and let all that God is revealing itself as all that you are and God reveals itself as all you are and in your world.

THE “I AM, I HAVE” KEY THE KEY IS that I am; I have consciousness or state of being. 

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