I am That Paul F. Gorman

The One Power has no problems to overcome. Wake up to this truth and experience true spiritual joy and freedom!

If we are experiencing delays in our experience of truth, we are being delayed; how? Find out in this high mystical class by a teacher of the Miracle Self.

The body of world spiritual students knows Truth only intellectually and is mostly devoid of the fruit of Being, which is abundance, true love, joy, and life fulfilments; why is that?

In this higher class video, the mystics Paul teaches practically how to be the Truth (Beingness) in our everyday lives. Knowing Truth in mind and experiencing pain and suffering on what you called the outside is NOT the promise of the Master.
Finally, you will learn how to have the Truth you know as the very being of you and all the good and joy that comes with being God.
To find out the truth about I am That, listen to the teacher.

Miracle Self Paul F. Gorman Most Important Message

This message is the one that Paul refers to as an advanced message of truth. Powerful and Profound!

To realize the nothingness of the personal self and rest in the Unknown Consciousness is the Answer!

Find the answers you seek

How to cultivate the consciousness of oneness to experience heavens right here on 'earth'.

Your so-called human sense is the problem. Find out why and how to be rid of it. High Truth!

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